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What is Dummy Account?

  1. What is dummy account?
    1. The number we use to blasts , we call it “Blaster“. Dummy is our other Whatsapp number which acts as a receiver for your campaign, blaster number and the receiver number must save each other’s contacts, thus WhatsApp detects that between the blaster and receiver numbers are both familiar ( Whitelist ) by storing them into their respective contacts. 

      Try to fill in the dummy with 3 contacts available. Should you only have 1 dummy account, the three columns can be filled the same contact .
  2. Why some features required to fill in dummy account?
    1. To minimize banning of your blaster account
  3. What is dummy treatment feature use for?
    1. We use to farm blaster numbers, for example before start using a number to blast, we will first farm it for 1-3 days before start blasting to minimize account ban.


How to use dummy treatment feature?

1.Creating Random Text

Before running dummy treatment process you have to prepare text, we have prepared a feature to create random text that will be used during the dummy treatment process. To use this feature click the ” generate random text ” button, then on the form message, it will automatically fill in the text field.

2. Fill in the Dummy Name

In the dummy field, fill in the dummy names that you have prepared. As per the name in your contact.

3. Determine the Number of Repetitions

In the ” loop ” option you can choose the number of repetitions you want. Loop repetitions is 50, 100, 150 & 200. To run click ” send “.